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Put Your Paw in Mine

An album & tune book of romantic-era inspired waltzes by Corwin Zekley

I've been writing tunes since I was very young, in fact I published a book of my earliest tunes when I was 12. Back then I was, and still now I am inspired by Romantic-Era English music (Particularly English Country Dance,) and I have found an equal love for the beauty and ebb and flow of waltzes. This tune book is the culmination of those two passions, and I hope you will enjoy playing them as much as I enjoyed writing them. Also Summer of 2021 I released an album of the tunes from the book! 

If you'd like a copy of either you can send to:

Venmo: @corwinzekley or

$10 for a download of either the book or album (Specify which you'd like in the description and include your email address

Or $20 for the hard copy of the book or album (include your mailing address)

$15 for both digital versions, $30 for both physical versions. Thank you!

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