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The Cat's Medicine

The Cat's Medicine explores an attitudinal range of styles including swing, world folk, funk, and Americana that paint an undeniably danceable & diverse musical landscape. Snaps for Sinners' core trio recorded and toured this album for 3 months in the summer of 2019.


How the Apple Falls

Snaps for Sinners' debut album that they toured in the winter of 2018. How the Apple Falls pulls it's roots from Americana and Country, and was recorded in California with Snaps' 7 piece band prior to their core trio moving to the Midwest.


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The Slacktivist

Corwin recorded Fiddle and Vox for Buck Thrifty's debut album, The Slacktivist.

The Pleasure of Doing you Wrong

Corwin's debut solo album of original Musical Theater-inspired songs cowritten with Julian Jenson. Written & recorded in 2014 and released on Corwin's 18th birthday.