Quickly gaining recognition as one of the fieriest fiddlers of their generation, Corwin performs and composes in a multiplicity of styles ranging from Hot-Club Swing to Celtic to Folk and beyond. Corwin was born into Mastery— they had a violin in their hands before they could walk or talk, and the beautiful redwoods of Northern California soaked rich musical heritage into Corwin’s deep roots. Their 2018 graduation from the Berklee College of Music with a degree in songwriting only furthered their relentless growth into the virtuoso they are today. Corwin has played over a thousand shows, performs around the world with Three for Silver & Snaps for Sinners, and uses the ineffability of music as both a completion of self and as a vehicle for expressing what words cannot.

Field Full Body .jpg
Snaps for Sinners - The Line - Live at SXSW
Naia's Waltz
I Don't Need A Shovel - Live From Lockdown
Snaps for Sinners - Dark Eyes

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