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Corwin has deep roots in music, having grown up in traditional & world music communities in Northern California. They’ve played violin for over 20 years in a myriad of styles from traditional Celtic music to Hot Club Jazz, to singing and playing classic love songs. Corwin has played over a thousand shows, appeared on dozens of records, and has published albums and books of their own songwriting and compositions. Since graduating from the Berklee College of Music in 2019, they've spent most of their time touring the U.S and internationally with multiple bands, as well as playing solo shows and teaching music.

Corwin has taught Violin/Fiddle for over a decade, and helps students nurture their passion for music through student lead learning, and an open and encouraging approach, and uses their student’s interests as the vehicle for teaching technique, relevant skills, and music theory. Corwin's basis for teaching is making it fun, creative, and collaborative, and they tailor their lessons to work for students of any level, age, or background.

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