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Corwin's Poetry

Now An Illusion
Corwin Zekley March - 2012

I wish it was that way
Your allures
Your contours
Now a photo of your face

Our hands were once entwined
Our lips locked with passion
Now an illusion
Remember you were mine

I never walked the Occam's razor
Cuz I always thought you were more
But as they say, ships sail yet storms prevail
and at the razor's edge you swept me onto your shore

You were the divinity that cast a spell on me
And like Jason I was your blade
But all I received for my love & allegiance
Like Medea, duplicity following your crusade

Nothing was more wrong than our love ordained so right
For you it was a chore
For me it was a war
For others a figure just out of sight

But that wisp of love
hovering above
Just inches over the streetlights and statues of stone
Was enough to realize
That this photo immortalizing your hazel eyes
Is just a hope abandoned long ago

You Meant No Harm
Corwin Zekley January - 2012

You meant no harm
But you felt no remorse,
you were tender as lilac
and equally pallid,
but you'd always step out of your way to kick a dead horse.

At the start I was weary and had premonitions;
Sometimes I felt god was trying to speak to me.
Perhaps I should have aborted,
but you were a secular mission,
perhaps I shouldn't have crumpled under your downward force.

Perhaps I shouldn't have followed you despite my vocation;
but I had no more choice than a soldier at war.
You were as inexorable as the inquisition;
But you didn't know your strength and didn't watch what you were aiming for.

I forgave your unintended laceration but the scars now keep us apart
. A wave crashing again against my weather-beaten nation,
now every word you say burns, not blesses, the desolate Eden of my heart.

Bittersweet Silver
Corwin Zekley February - 2011

Her time was a bittersweet silver
When tarnished she'd take a breath
And her friendship was solace and golden
Yet still her love was death.

Her eyes were brown as lightning
Her hair was black as day
She opened her heart to the wanderer
and they made her lose her way

When she was silent they would all listen
When she would shout, they were all deaf
sheÕd brew her tears into a broth
and WeÕd call her a brilliant chef

Her mind was on tomorrow
Yet her feet upon yesterday
Today was a blossoming sorrow
and her eyes had gone cloud grey

there was always an answer to the riddle
Always a key to the door
SheÕd always get caught in the middle
She didnÕt know why anymore

So much debris behind her
Such a black road ahead
Yet sheÕd always try to be kinder
even if her tears ran red

SheÕd cast the past around her
SheÕd still try not to cry
Yet her eyes would run rampant
And I still would wonder why

Why must she please the planet
Why mustnÕt she call it home
Why canÕt she leave to another
Wind your way back to rome

Find your god or your prophet
Let your dreams run wild
Stand on the stepping stones of man
Oh little female child

The End Of The Eternal Night
Corwin Zekley 2009

A flash in the dark a black searing mark
a knock at the gate The call of fate
A voice in the wind my hopes have been pinned
The boom of a shot my life is fraught
with peril untold and mercies been sold
of horror given with many lives liven
The creak of a door a bump of a step
The ring of a bell The turn to hell
The grandfather clock sits and mocks as it knows that we'll soon all be bones left by another horrible crime done for money just a dime
The shatter of glass the moving of stone the bang of pans
Their intentions are known but at the top
of the stairs a light is on and an old
woman is singing a song
a song of forgiveness, passion and giving
a song of emotion in a life worth living from a time of old
The cold receded and life proceeded The clang of a gate
The leaving of hate to live another day we stay here and lay
recalling ourselves from our peril The land once again is light and sterile
purged from darkness evil and fright this is the end of the eternal night

Fiddle Tree
Corwin Zekley 2008

Have you ever wondered what a fiddle tree was? Have you ever thought about instruments growing on trees? Well here is the story of how the fiddle tree came to be. The fiddle tree today grows behind my house. It is taller than any other tree in the whole forest. As ancient myth has it, God dropped this fiddle tree down to earth millennia ago. God took his hand and dug a pit as huge as a meteor crater. Then from the sky the fiddle tree fell and started growing. That is how it came to be.

The fiddle tree lives off of sheer musical energy. If you play for it, it shall grow, but if you do not it will slowly shrink away into nothingness. It¹s water is our music. Now there are a few disadvantages to the fiddle tree compared to other trees. #1, it drops fiddles which could potentially hurt someone, and #2, it will shrink if not watered by the musical juice which instruments make. Trumpets make the most of course because it goes to the spit valve.

The fiddle tree is like two trees twisted together with a jester hat on top. Every Fall we harvest it¹s violins and hang them in our music room. But if the fiddle tree happens to get rained on, that would mean instant death to the fiddles, so we put a tarp over it¹s top so the rain goes off onto the nearby soil. What¹s weird about the fiddle tree is that it doesn¹t grow bows like you would expect it to, so there are hardly enough bows to match all the fiddles.

The fiddle tree is a magical thing. So much wonder is in those growing fiddles. To the tree, fiddles are the flowers. They will fall off or wilt if not picked. By wilting the fiddle will not be good. If you pluck it at the perfect time, then the fiddle will sound better than a Stradivarius. That is what a fiddle tree is.
We Are All Like Leaves
Corwin Zekley 2008

A leaf in the wind
Being blown around the earth
Catching the currents
It falls forgotten

Never to be seen again
Life ends and begins

Like people living
Or people also dying
People will forget

Lost in history
You will be buried and left
Life will keep going

People will be sad
But in some time that will end
When you die life ends

You are forgotten
But a wisp of memory
Your life has ended

You will be taken away
From the Earth you love

After the crying
Your memory will subside
And then you are gone

Wiped from existence
All memory of you left
Sometimes remembered

Like that flying leaf
Your soaring will be your life
Some time you will fall

But true death will come for you
We are just like leaves

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Bird Words
Corwin Zekley 2008

fly, flew, sliding through the sky, these are bird words
soar, glide, wind, air, the bird takes off, gliding
gently on a current of air?
through the sky
it's wings flutter gently in the breeze
diving down into the sea
the bird grabs a fish in it's sharp claws
the bird is graceful, spinning for sheer joy,
it flies through the skies
around the world
The Message in the Bottle
Corwin Zekley 2007

I found a bottle one day; it was quite ancient.
Inside was a faint message.
Who knows what it says?
It could be a treasure map to a sea course for a ship.
It could be a will or even a letter.
But then again it could just have been thrown into the ocean to fool someone. Nobody will ever know.
Corwin Zekley 2007

I am the dragon, I am in year 1122.
Everyday hundreds of soldiers come to slay me.
I call them "fresh food.",
None have escaped my billowing flames and my dark dank 47 and 92/100 mile long lair.
I have gold, bones, armor, and skulls stacked up to the ceiling.
I am the dragon growing more hungry ever yet.
The Flying Sea Turtle
Corwin Zekley 2007

I am the flying sea turtle.
I dive to the deepest depths and fly to the heavens.
I can act as a star in the sky, then come, swooping down to greet the citizens of Earth.
I fly on the clouds and scare the birds away.
I am the flying sea turtle.
The Lazy Cat
Corwin Zekley 1/23/07

I am the cat,
I move swiftly, silently
by day I sleep, except when
it's time to eat.
I climb trees, tall, far
up I go, I slip and
land on all my paws,
not hurt at all,
I have nine lives
and I don't try to
waste one at all.
I climb high as birds
dare fly, and frighten them all.
Corwin Zekley 1/23/07

I am the turtle.
I move quiet, slow
I sleep inside my shell.
It is quite safe.
When I wake, I see
The sky in the morning,
Beautiful, pink and on the
horizon, I see the sun.
I dive deep underwater,
I swim, gracefully,
like the fish,
in the early morning sea.