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Corwin Zekley CD

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Song List

1. Heart Attack by Corwin Zekley & Julian Jenson 2:59
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2. What Was Never True by Corwin Zekley & Julian Jenson 2:54
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3. Far From Your Shores by Corwin Zekley & Julian Jenson 3:52
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4. Blade's Kiss by Corwin Zekley 2:41
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5. Daniel by Corwin Zekley 3:11
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6. The Pleasure Of Doing You Wrong by Corwin Zekley & Julian Jenson 2:33
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7. Eye To Eye by Corwin Zekley 3:05
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8. Where Once I Danced by Corwin Zekley & Julian Jenson 3:26
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9. Enough Of A Man by Corwin Zekley & Julian Jenson 3:32 10. With The Storm by Corwin Zekley 2:40
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Danny Carnahan: I love the whole production (it's been living in my car for weeks and I've been cranking it up driving to and from my teaching gig). I guess what impresses me most about your songwriting and performing as your confidence, something I sure as hell never had when I was your age and had to suffer for years to learn how to fake confidence on stage. You express a fearlessness that will take you far, and a belief in your (admittedly quirky) lyrics that really sells these songs. I love the dark yet amusing stories you weave and the characters that roam in your songs. All very theatrical, either musical theatre or perhaps unmusical theatre. But there are theatres and playwrights out there who would fall over for your kind of inventive and tuneful approach.

So keep going as far as you want in this direction. Your collaborators are also wonderfully competent and tight... again, the way you all listen to each other is something I rarely experienced until I was much older. This is really great stuff, Corwin, and hats off to you. I'll watch your meteoric career from here.

Oh, did I mention I like your fiddle playing, too?

Don Put: I've had quite a few gifted young artists in my studio and have to say that Corwin Zekley and Julian Dane Jenson are two of the most unique songwriters I've encountered. They just released a CD of tunes recorded in my studio and, while I seldom "pimp" what's been done here, I really have to do it this time. These are some of the most unique, lyrically evolved, and wonderfully uncategorizical (yes, I coined that term) songs I've ever encountered. Please give a listen and support them if you're so inclined.


My first word was "bagpipe." Sadly there are no bagpipes on this album, my sincerest apologies. In case you can't tell from my first oration, I was raised in a very musical family. At the age of four a violin was thrust into my hands, and although not entirely of my volition, or in fact any interest whatsoever, I learned to play. Now, thanks to the commendable bravery and dedication of my father, the instrument that I considered my bane is my boon. In recent years I've been writing and composing many songs, most importantly with a certain Julian Jenson. This album is largely a collaboration and collection of those songs that this amazing pianist, composer, and friend and I have written together.
- Corwin Zekley

You could say music was an inevitability for me, not unlike a head-on collision on a stormy highway. My father earned a degree in classical piano performance in Basel, Switzerland and his mother had been a piano teacher for 50-something years. It was only natural that the pair would conspire together to instruct me until I could take formal lessons in piano and conducting at the age of five. Since those days I've had the pleasure of studying with incredible pianists, including Douglas Ashcraft, John Perry, Ory Shihor, and Elizabeth Roe. I've also performed extensively in recitals, concerts, private homes, clubs, and even on National Public Radio's From The Top. Though the study of classical piano is where my focus lies, I've taken great pleasure in expanding my musical palate to include pop, jazz, and the other nonsense you're going to hear on this album. Working with Corwin on these songs has been a source of both horror and delight for me, and hopefully your listening to them will have a similar effect.
- Julian Jenson


The Pleasure Of Doing You Wrong:
Violin/Voice - Corwin Zekley, Piano - Julian Jenson, Bass - Owen Zorn, Drums - Martin Budde

Eye To Eye:
Violin/Voice - Corwin Zekley, Piano - Julian Jenson, Bass - Bailey Vance, Drums - Martin Budde

Violin/Voice - Corwin Zekley, Clarinet - Paul Carman, Piano - Elias Sedlmayr, Bass - Bailey Vance, Drums - Martin Budde

Enough Of A Man:
Voice - Corwin Zekley, Piano - Julian Jenson

Heart Attack:
Violin/Voice - Corwin Zekley, Piano - Julian Jenson, Bass - Owen Zorn, Drums - Martin Budde

Far From Your Shores:
Violin/Voice - Corwin Zekley, Piano - Julian Jenson, Bass - Owen Zorn, Drums - Martin Budde

What Was Never True:
Voice - Corwin Zekley, Voice - Emily Weeks, Piano - Julian Jenson, Bass - Owen Zorn, Drums - Martin Budde

Where Once I Danced:
Voice - Corwin Zekley, Guitar - Eliza Kiy, Piano - Julian Jenson, Drums - Martin Budde

Blade's Kiss:
Voice - Corwin Zekley, Guitar - Martin Budde, Bass - Owen Zorn, Drums - Martin Budde

With The Storm:
Voice - Corwin Zekley, Violin - Corwin Zekley, Violin - Madison Leinster, Viola - Adrian Wong, Cello - John Walz

Recorded at: Idyllwild Brewing Company Recording Studio
Engineer Don Put Email Don
Album Artwork Fiona McDonald Email Fiona
Julian Jenson Email Julian
Photography - Mallory Cremin