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List Of Tunes

The Brides Forgotten Name Jig
A Cold Winter Waltz
The Festival Jig
The Flaming Star Reel
Night Walk Jig
Twenty Dollar Waltz
Suzanne Of The Tides Waltz
Rain Of Shelter
Passing On Jig

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Suzanne Of The Tides
Corwin Zekley © December • 2009

"Suzanne Of The Tides" MP3 Sound FIle
"Suzanne Of The Tides" High Quality PDF
"Suzanne Of The Tides" ABC Format

The Twenty Dollar Waltz
Corwin Zekley © December • 2008

"The Twenty Dollar Waltz" MP3 Sound FIle
"The Twenty Dollar Waltz" High Quality PDF
"The Twenty Dollar Waltz" ABC Format

Night Walk Jig
Corwin Zekley © December • 2008

"Night Walk Jig" MP3 Sound FIle
"Night Walk Jig" High Quality PDF
"Night Walk Jig" ABC Format

Flaming Star Reel
Corwin Zekley © December • 2008

"Flaming Star Reel" MP3 Sound FIle
"Flaming Star Reel" High Quality PDF
"Flaming Star Reel" ABC Format

A Cold Winter Waltz
Corwin Zekley © December • 2008

"A Cold Winter Waltz" MP3 Sound FIle
"A Cold Winter Waltz" High Quality PDF
"A Cold Winter Waltz" ABC Format

The Festival Jig
Corwin Zekley © April • 2008

"The Festival Jig" MP3 Sound FIle
"The Festival Jig High Quality PDF
"The Festival Jig" ABC Format
"The Festival Jig" English Country Dance Steps

"That's one sprightly, happy tune, man! Hats off to Corwin and may he keep cranking them out... just proves that the tradition is live, kicking, and healthy!" - Danny Carnahan

The Bride's Forgotten Name
Corwin Zekley © October • 2007

"The Bride's Forgotten Name" MP3 Sound FIle
"The Bride's Forgotten Name" High Quality PDF
"The Bride's Forgotten Name" ABC Format
"The Bride's Forgotten Name" Brass Band Arrangement Score PDF
"The Bride's Forgotten Name" Brass Band Arrangement Midi FIle

Passing On
Corwin Zekley © March • 2008
"Passing On" composed for his grandmother Gertrude Zekley. 1919-2008 MP3 Sound FIle

"Corwin's tune really got me - very expressive of pain of loss, and time moving on, and life and love, all in there. Tell him thanks for me." - Kevin Carr