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About Corwin Zekley

Corwin is a singer, songwriter and pianist with songs and compositions ranging from Jazz to Musical Theater, and has been a violinist since he learned to walk. Corwin grew up in the beautiful redwoods of Mendocino, California hearing Celtic music blowing through the trees. He started performing at the age of 6, and with parents playing a myriad of instruments and numerous genres, a wide variety of teachers, and musical aspirations being ignited from music camps and festivals all over California, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, Corwin decided very early in life that music was what he wanted to do.

Having busked, played weddings, benefits, Contra dances and fiddle contests with his parents for years previous, he formed a folk music duo at the age of 14 with local guitarist and singer, Fiona Scott. They performed all over Mendocino County for several years, recorded and released an album at the age of 15, and performed as the featured headline act of Fort Bragg's annual Local Licks Live show in 2010. In high school Corwin became a writer and composer and bid a fond farewell to Fiona as he flew south to attend Idyllwild Arts Academy for songwriting. There he was introduced to, and found his passion for Jazz, and studied for several years with the renowned bass player, Marshall Hawkins. In Corwin's junior and senior year, him and his colleague, and later to be award winning Classical pianist, Julian Jenson, began co-writing and performing and set out to make an album. At the end of their senior year with Corwin's new songs and his collaborations with Julian, they entered the studio and arranged, orchestrated, recorded and released their debut album, "The Pleasure of Doing you Wrong" on Corwin's 18th birthday.

After graduating Idyllwild Arts, Corwin returned to Northern California and began actively booking for and performing around Mendocino County with his band, Gypsy Swing Club, as well as with virtuoso guitarist and composer, David Brown. In 2015 Corwin applied to and enrolled in the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and is currently attending to study violin, songwriting, Gypsy Jazz, Musical Theater, voice, piano, production, and much more under the guidance of Pat Pattison, Scarlet Keys, Mark Simos, Simon Shaheen, Jason Anick, and many other renowned and inspirational musicians and instructors.

In recent years, Corwin has found a passion for teaching and when home in California teaches violin in many styles to students of all levels, as well as teaching concepts and applications of harmony, improvisation, composition, and performance. He also offers online lessons over Skype, Zoom, FaceTime and other similar programs while attending school in Boston.

While able to study music in its many enchanting forms while at school, Corwin has found his biggest inspirations and lessons in working as a performer and booker for himself and various bands around Northern California, and can be found playing solo shows and busking around Mendocino County, or performing at festivals, wineries, bars, house shows, weddings and other events with Buck Thrifty and any other band he ends up hopping on stage with at events around Sonoma County and the San Francisco Bay Area.